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Почему Вы не могли выучить иностранный язык раньше?

7 мифов об изучении языков

Лексика по теме "Компьютер и интернет". Немецкий

Ток-шоу "Полиглот". Учим итальянский. Выпуски 1-16 !

Статья. 10 советов от человека, знавшего 16 языков!

 Видео-уроки итальянского языка. Интересный материал для начинающих

Wörter unter der Lupe. Откуда произошли разные немецкие слова.

Смс на немецком. Варианты сокращений.

Почему существительные в немецком пишутся с большой буквы?

Неправильные глаголы немецкого языка. Полный список.

 Как не бросить учить язык? Мотивируйте себя! Читайте о 12 принципах успеха.

Афоризмы на английском в картинках

Видео-уроки "Полиглот". Английский за 16 часов. Добавлен выпуск 16!

Система грамматики немецкого языка

Video in English. Видеоуроки с носителями. Уровень BEGINNER

Basic English Grammar - TO BE verb

To be is the most common verb in English. In this basic grammar lesson, they will teach you how to use this verb correctly. You will learn the positive, negative, and question forms of to be. Even higher-level English students make mistakes with this most basic verb, so even if you think you know this already, you should watch to review.

Basic English Grammar - BE verb

Learn about the past, present, and future of the verb to be. What can follow it? What can’t follow it? This is a great lesson for beginners, and for intermediate students who need a reminder.

Singular or Plural? Subject-Verb Agreement in English Grammar

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if the verb in a sentence should be singular or plural. Learn more about such tricky cases in this short grammar lesson.

How to pronounce P and F in English

Many English students have trouble contrasting the P and F sounds. Watch this free pronunciation lesson the secret to making these sounds correctly when you speak. I will teach you exactly what to do with your mouth, tongue, and teeth!

Pronouncing Nationalities in English

Learn how to pronounce many nationalities in English and delight your international friends, colleagues, and clients by paying attention to this critical information.

Money Vocabulary and expressions in English $$$

What does it mean if you are loaded? Hoq about broke? What's a tab? And when should you pay up? Watch this lesson to enrich your vocabulary and understanding of expressions related to money. $$$

How to improve your English with story building

Playing with language can be an excellent way to learn. In this exciting English lesson I will teach you how to improve your English skills by using your creativity. It’s an excellent way to build on what you know and to remember what you learn.

 Practikal English Vocabulary: Shopping in a mall

Save time and energy finding what you need at a shopping mall by watching this useful lesson. Learn the key vocabulary to describe different kinds of stores and services.

Texting slang - jk, idk, ttyl, cya,tmi, np, k

Want to understand what your English friends are texting you? Here's a helpful lesson that teaches you some common text language. For more text language watch Ronnie's texting slang lesson

"Yes, I do" or "Yes, I have"? - Speaking English

Learn this easy trick to remember how to answer yes/no questions that use DO and HAVE. This is useful for beginner, an a good reminder for intermediate students who may still be making this common mistake. For more information on short answer, watch Rebecca's short answer lesson.

Learn English with Cooking: Making Blueberry Pancakes!

Words and expressions about cooking can open up a world before you. Learning about the measurements, tools, and methods of cooking will expand your English vocabulary. And you’ll learn how to make yummy blueberry pancakes, too! I explain the following words in this class: flour, salt, milk, eggs, oil, sugar, blueberries, maple sypur, grams, cups, millilitre, tablespoon, teaspoon, whisk, blender, mix, pinch, flip, pour, batter.

Passed or Past?

PAST or PASSED? Learn the very different meanings of these words and easy tricks to remember them.

Practical English: How to write a check

protect yourself by learning the 6 steps involved in writing a check/cheque safely in English. Avoid common errors and pick up key banking vocabulary in this practical lesson

English grammar - How to compare: "as cold as ice"

There are many ways to compare in English and in this lesson, I’ll teach you a simple structure that you can use. Watch this free grammar lesson and then practice with the quiz.

Speaking English - Classroom vocabulary and expressions

May I go to the bathroom? May I be excused? Were you absent? Learn basic classroom English from a native speaker! You’ll learn the difference between an exam and a test, as well as the following vocabulary and expressions: grade, mark, test, exam, to be excused, slept in, missed the bus, absent

Listening Comprehension - Learn English with strange news!

Listening to a story and answering questions on it is the best way to test and improve your listening comprehension. In this fun lesson, you will listen to a strange news story and have the opportunity to learn many new words. If you would like to continue the lesson, try to re-tell the story in your words. You could also try to use some of these new words in a sentence. The opportunities to learn are endless.

6 phrases in English using IT"S

In this free English class, you’ll learn six new idioms and phrases: touch and go, hairy situation, the early bird gets the worm, it's about time, it's on me and on the house

Common Mistakes: "Could of" or "Could have"? (Could've/ Would've/ Should've)

Do you say “I should of listened to my mother?” or “I should have listened to my mother?” Even native English speakers make this very common mistake, but it’s really easy to learn which is correct, and why it’s correct, so watch this lesson and find out!

How to maximize your English learning

Learn English faster and better with these five simple rules

Speaking English: 4 Ways to Orden at a Restaurant

How do you order food at a restaurant in English? Here are four common phrases that will build your confidence and give you the skills necessary to survive in an English speaking environment. If you’re living in an English area, or if you’re traveling, you must watch this lesson.